Below is a list of relatively inane (and some decent) questions that I've posted for your reading pleasure. Of course...if you actually read this whole thing, then you must have been REALLY BORED. Now enjoy!


  1. What inspired you to create a website?

    For starters I wanted to leave my own mark in the cyberworld. Writing HTML codes (which I began to do when I created my own homepage on like, a decade ago) is pretty interesting--once you get the hang of it.

    My Asian Avenue homepage

    Also, whenever I get bored of surfing through all the websites that I usually go to on the Net, I want to click on my very own page that features all the things (basketball, Japanime, etc.) that interest me personally.

    My MySpace homepage My Facebook homepage

    My Friendster homepage My Yelp homepage

  2. Why "Parman's Page?"

    Well, my last name is Par, I'm a man (anyone who uses this obvious opportunity to insult me will get a major arse-whopping, j/k) and Par + man = Parman. That and Parman is my nickname from most of my friends.

  3. Who's that character on your Main page, and why does his hair turn from yellow to white whenever I move the cursor over it?

    Well, if you actually looked through most of the sections on my site--specifically Parman's Fiction--you'd see that this character is my own Dragonball character named Spar. Yellow hair is when he is a Super Saiyan and white hair means that he is an "Ultra Saiyan" (my own type of Saiyan).

    (NOTE: This question was posted back in 2000. As of May 2013, there's a new image you can click on my Main page. The pics below, however, have been relocated to the Spar section.)

    Super Saiyan Spar Ultra Saiyan Spar

  4. Okay, so who or what's that thing in the lower half of your Links page? Looks pretty some fancy schmancy robot.

    Glad you asked. Personally, I think that "fancy schmancy robot" looks pretty cheesy. But when you scroll the cursor over it, the drawing changes to a much better rendition of a Gundam. This isn't really a robot, but a "mobile suit" (since a human is inside to control it).

    This drawing was made right when Gundam Wing began airing on TV (on the Cartoon Network) in March of 2000. By the way, DragonballZ and Gundam Wing are the only animated series that I watched on the Cartoon Network...just in case some of you want to call me childish or something.

    One more thing, the second Gundam drawing is suppose to be in black & white (and gray).

    Gundam drawing 1 Gundam drawing 2

  5. What's so cool about DragonballZ anyway?

    Two words: Super Saiyans. Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and Gohan (and Goku's other son Goten in the later episodes of the series) look bad-@$$ when they reach this power level. Unfortunately, someone who has blonde hair that's as spikey as Goku's doesn't really look cool in reality. They look like some punk (and fobby, if they're Asian) moron. That's my opinion, at least.

    Also, Vegeta is such an idiot for being so self-centered. He deserved to get iced by Frieza in the Frieza Saga and have both of his arms broken by Android 18 in the Android/Cell Saga. Cocky loser. And Vegeta is Trunks' father. I pity Trunks... having a deadbeat dad like that. (I bet half of you don't even know what the heck I'm talking about)

    FriezaAndroid 17Android 18Cell
    FUNimation Inc.

  6. What's so cool about Gundam Wing?

    Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Hmm...other than the fact that it's a cartoon whose storyline actually has more substance and plot twists than your average live-action sitcom, the animation on Gundam Wing is pretty awesome. Not only that, but people actually get killed in this cartoon...just like in other Japanimated series, such as Death Note (sorry, I don't mean to sound sadistic there ).

    UPDATE: If you want proof that the animation in Gundam Wing rocks, watch the sequel Endless Waltz. The animation is more improved, and the action scenes look much more dynamic, making this 3-episode series reminiscent of Macross Plus...another Japanime that is among the best that came out in the past two decades.


  7. Aren't you afraid that girls visiting your page will be turned off by the dozens of pics you have taken with these "import" models?

    Not really. To make up for it, a girl visiting my page can have the pleasure of taking a pic with me as well...just e-mail me your home and cell phone numbers and address, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. JUST KIDDING!!! Err, maybe.

    Dang, I almost sounded conceited there...

  8. Who are your favorite import models?

    For starters... Francine Dee.

    Francine Dee

  9. Anyone else?

    Of course.

  10. I have NO idea who they are, but the models above SURE ARE gorgeous... So are you a big Lakers fan?

    As long as they win championships, heck yea. J/k... I'm a Lakers fan, 24/7/365 for the rest of my life. Or until the NBA disbands because of another lousy lockout.

    (NOTE: This question was posted back in 2000, while the last NBA lockout was in 2011...)

  11. Why do you think the Backstreet Boys are so popular?

    Well let me see... They make millions of dollars, but don't wear any excessive "bling" (a.k.a. jewelry) on them. And also, they never have that "I'm depressed, shoot me--or I'll shoot you" scowl on their faces that you normally see on gangsta rappers on their CD covers. Of course, like this really helps to explain their popularity. You should ask my friend Sarina about that... She's a HUGE Backstreet Boys fan.

    (NOTE: This question was posted WAAAY long time ago...)


    Transformers. Iron Man totally kicked ass, but there are two aspects of Michael Bay's blockbuster films that made it me at least: Megan "The Foxy One" Fox (even though she didn't work on Dark of the Moon or Age of Extinction), and Steve Jablonsky's inspiring film score.

    Mr. Jablonsky was mentored by well-known composer Hans Zimmer (who worked on Gladiator, Crimson Tide, The Dark Knight trilogy, The Lion King, the two Pirates of the Caribbean sequels...among other flicks), how could the music not be good?

    Megan Fox, Shia LaBeouf and Ironhide in the left pic, Iron Man on the right
    Dreamworks / Paramount & Marvel Studios

  13. Why is Jessica Alba of Sin City, Fantastic Four, Honey, Good Luck Chuck and the now-defunct TV show Dark Angel hot?

    Because I wanted her that way, duh. (Damn you, Cash Warren)

    The Dark Angel
    Twentieth Century Fox / Dimension Films

  14. Why is Tiger Woods kicking butt in golf? I mean, 14 championships and counting...

    I dunno... Just HOW MANY questions are you gonna ask me??? Actually, I think it's because Tiger Woods is a prodigy.

    (NOTE: This question was previously posted WAAAY long time ago...)

  15. I actually looked at your website for the second time (YES, I was bored)... Just what's so cool about STAR WARS????

    (Punk, you make it sound like liking Star Wars is a bad thing )

    Now, let me see... To answer your cynical question: Lightsabers, special effects, X-Wings, special effects, A-Wings, B-Wings, V-Wings and Y-Wings, special effects, Darth Maul, special effects, double-bladed lightsabers, special effects, Kung-fu Yoda, special effects, clonetroopers, special effects, Darth Sidious, special effects, General Grievous, special effects, Jango Fett, special effects, Boba Fett, special effects, Jedi Starfighters, special effects, ARC-170 starfighters, special effects, Republic gunships, special effects, Sith Lords in general, special effects, Jedi Knights in general, special effects, Natalie Portman (minus her acting in the prequels)...and special effects.

    Oh, and did I mention special effects?

    Darth Maul
    Lucasfilm Ltd.

  16. How come there aren't any pics of hula dancers in your Hawaii section?

    Well, as surprising as it sounds... It's because I DIDN'T run into any hula dancers in Hawaii!! Or at least in Maui, where I stayed during the 7-day trip. The only time I saw fine Asian chicks was when I stumbled upon a photograph of Francine Dee in the sports section of some local newspaper that I well as a travel brochure that featured Flo Jalin, a Hawaiian model, on the cover.

    Flo Jalin

    The picture of Francine Dee was for some Hawaiian adult video, I think.

  17. From the looks of it, you didn't even look for that Hawaiian video. Pret-ty pathetic, man.

    Yea, I know. By the way, that remark counts as another question.

  18. Cartman rules! Why is South Park such a great TV show?

    When gays, Jews, Scientologists, senior citizens, Saddam Hussein, Sally Struthers, Canadians, child molesters and crippled kids are constantly being ridiculed, and profanity and the word "dumbass" are used in every other line of dialogue in every episode (plus Kenny dying off in practically every episode), and the annual Christmas mascot, Mr. Hankey, is literally a piece of s--t, how could it not be?

    South Park

  19. Why did you name this section Ask Parman! if you already have all these (lame) questions posted up?

    Um, it's called false advertising, man. What?! You actually think I'm serious about answering some facetious question that a visitor to this webpage may ask me?! HECK NO!!

  20. And last, but not least, make your website a little more PROFESSIONAL-LOOKING!!! Get a real web designer to work on your page, for cryin' out loud.

    Up yours, pal.


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